@raptors @bucks @lakers @miamiheat Which NBA team uses social media the best and dunks on the competition with their fan engagement?

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A Fan Favorite: Oklahoma City Thunder

Are you ready to rumble? Getting the crowd pumped up used to involve music, cheerleaders, and the blow of the whistle. The energy is still high on the court, but today’s teams must also consider how to keep their online fans cheering, too.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have a lot to brag about with impressively high Twitter engagement. Most notable, a staggering 99.9% of their tweets are retweeted. If you’re not big into math, that means almost every single one. And it’s not just one retweet from the social media manager’s personal account (or mother). Their posts are shared an average of 242 times.

Here’s a few things we can learn from their Most Valuable Posts:

1. The timing is right.

Not every brand is tuned into their audience’s most active time online. The Thunder have connected with their fans later in t

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Great athletes are committed and laser focused on their target. They watch game tapes, adjust their diets, and perfect their game. 

Nike shows off these same high performance qualities in their online activity. They have taken social connection with their followers to the next level. A mind-boggling 98% of their tweets are engagement tweets, interacting with their fans. What’s their winning strategy? Let’s take a look!

1. They reach out on social media. 

It’s worth mentioning again: 98% of their tweets are engagement tweets. Nike is talking to people! In fact, they are leading the conversation. They do not wait for people to mention @Nike before responding. Instead, they are following hashtags like #justdoit and jumping in with encouragement and inspiration. 

2. They’re zeroed in on game time.

Analysis shows that Nike gets the most engage

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@orioles @royals @angels @dodgers Which MLB team uses social media the best and tackles the competition with their fan engagement?

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Loyal fans are there to wave a foam finger when the team wins and chant the loudest when times are hard. A social audit of the L.A. Angels reveals their online fans are as committed as that shirtless guy with the painted chest.

The Angels beat out their MLB rivals with a staggering retweet rate of 99.4%. Not only are so many of their tweets shared, but each one is retweeted an average of 141 times. All this buzz shows their faithful following and massively expands their reach on Twitter.

What are some of the ways the Angels inspire so many retweets?

1. The tweets are for their fans.

Looking at some of the Angels' most popular tweets, they are written for their super fans. Someone from the outside would likely not get the jokes or recognize the people mentioned. Being tuned into your audience is crucial for crafting tweets your followers will devour.

2. Clever smack talk goes a long w

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@StLouisRams @Raiders @HoustonTexans @Chargers Which NFL team uses social media the best and tackles the competition with their fan engagement?

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@HoustonDynamo @FCDallas @NERevolution @PhilaUnion Which MLS team has the best fan engagement online through their twitter efforts? We compared four popular teams to see which one takes the top spot.

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Social Media Winner: Cleveland Indians 

When it’s game time, fan enthusiasm explodes. Mascots are dancing, the KissCam scans the bleachers, and people start the wave. But how do you keep fans engaged after everyone’s gone home and the popcorn is swept away?

Social media is key for fan engagement, and the Cleveland Indians have some impressive statistics. What are some of the most successful strategies in their social playbook? Let’s take a look!

1. Easy to Connect

The official Indians website makes it super easy to engage the team on social media. It lists not on the official Indians Twitter account, but also players and even the Slider the mascot! Right away, several social connections are made, giving online brand engagement a boost.

2. They Know Online Game Time

Often a brand’s active hours on Twitter differ from th

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@Seahawks @Broncos @49ers @Patriots Which NFL team has the best fan engagement online through social media? We compared four popular teams to see which one scores the most social media touchdowns.

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Marketing is a fast-paced industry, working hard to keep up with and stand out from the competition. It is important to keep up with other leaders in your field. What initiatives are they launching? How successful was their recent campaign? Who is endorsing them?

Current marketing platforms add a new question: How engaging are they on social media?

As you keep an eye on your competition’s profiles, what should you look for? How can you tell if their social media strategies are engaging customers? And what can you learn from their efforts?

Social Rivals offers a Twitter audit for your brand. More than looking simple at your activity, it lets you choose three industry rivals to see comparative results. Five crucial metrics help track how you and your competitors are engaging your audience:

1. Engagement: More than a One Way Conversation
Take a look at a company’s Twitter profile. Are their twe

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